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Boxes for house moving can be very useful to help you to carry numerous items at once, which saves you time and effort, and money too. If you pre pack things into boxes before the removal day, it saves the removal company from having to do the job. This is the part that they actually charge the most for, because it takes up the most time. If you leave the packing to them, they will often put anything into any box, which leaves unpacking to you in a disorganised manner, which can be stressful and hard. You wouldn't know which box goes into which room, and what items are in each box. You may even lose things. So it is always best to pack yourself.

Cardboard boxes for moving house can easily be written on, using a permanent marker pen, and this way you can keep things organised and ensure that nothing goes missing. You could write which items are in each box, or you could just write a room of the house that the box belongs in. Ultimately it is up to you as to how you organise your things when moving, but make sure you do it.

House moving boxes at affordable prices

Heavy duty boxes for moving are available here with our wardrobe boxes, which are made of extra thick double walled corrugated cardboard, which makes them extra strong and durable. They can hold all types of clothing, because they are very tall and wide. The exact measurements are given in the description, so take a look at them below here and you can see the measurements. They come with a hanging rail, so that you can put clothes onto it without damaging them, or them getting dirty and creased. We offer some of the lowest prices on wardrobe boxes, and we pride ourselves on our excellent service and delivery times.

House removal packing boxes are available to buy directly here online, and if you need help please call us or email us. We have many years of experience with packaging, and are able to help you with any queries that you may have. We offer multi packs of boxes, which are under the heading 'moving packs' at the top menu. They are designed to give you an idea of how many boxes and bubble wrap you are likely to need based on a certain sized house move.