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Packing boxes for moving are available as individual boxes as well as in packs of five or ten boxes too. It means you can purchase as little or as many boxes as you need in the exact quantity that you need, with no wastage. It can therefore save you money, which is ideal if you are moving home because there are many costs to think about and to worry about, and packaging doesn't need to be one of them. We offer huge discounts of over thirty percent when you purchase our packs of ten boxes, so they are well worth looking at.

Cardboard packaging boxes sold here are at the lowest prices because we have cut out the middle man and are able to offer you the packaging that you need at the lowest prices that you need. We have many years of experience with boxes, and we are specialists in boxes, so our range represents the most popular sizes and shapes designed for house moving, storage and shipping, so we hope you can find everything that you could need here with Packing Solution. Please contact us if you have any questions or need any assistance when it comes to choosing the right packaging for you.    

House moving boxes at affordable prices

Cardboard packing boxes can be used to ship the things from your kitchen to your new home, including cutlery and glasses and mugs. You will need a strong and large box that will hold the weight of all of the things that you choose to put inside of them, plus you need to protect them from damage using bubble wrap as well which we offer here online. It will help to keep them all together, so that you know to unpack that box in the new kitchen, which makes things easy for you.

Cardboard boxes for house removal can be useful when transporting books to your new home. Our medium double walled boxes are commonly known as book boxes, and they are designed to be strong but small enough to be able to lift when full of books which makes them heavy. You can fit approximately fifteen to twenty books in one box, and they are our best value for money boxes that we sell. You can find them below here on this page, or take a look at the boxes heading from the top menu.