Cardboard boxes for sale online in Lincoln

Cardboard boxes for moving house are what we specialise in here at Packing Solution. We offer a wide variety of packaging, in different shapes, sizes, and prices. Simply take a look at our full list of products at the top of the page. Our storage boxes for moving house are precisely what you will need to make the move go as smoothly as possible.

Best Quality cardboard boxes in Lincoln

We pride ourselves on offering some of the lowest prices available on the market today, and in fact we offer manufacturers prices directly to the public. Our removal boxes are extremely good quality, and are manufactured in the South West of England. We also have ongoing contracts with our recycling partners, Perry’s recycling. When purchasing online cartons from Packing Solution, you can guarantee speedy delivery. We send all orders via a free next day delivery courier service, directly to you. The storage boxes we offer are also available for collection from our head office in Glastonbury, where you can meet our friendly team who can give you expert advice. We can help you choose the right cardboard packing boxes using our expert knowledge of the industry, with nearly

80 years experience. We also supply many accessories that you may need for moving, so that you can find everything you need simply in one place, to arrive in one simple delivery. As an example, we sell clear tape for packaging which is extra strong industrial strength tape, as ordinary tape from a supermarket is not strong enough to hold together larger cartons with lots of things inside of them. We also supply bubble wrap and cling film, as well as black cable ties and other accessories. Single walled cardboard boxes are great value options, and are ideal for lighter items that you are looking to move, however they are not so good with heavier items, where you will need much more sturdy boxes that will hold their shape and protect your belongings. We always recommend double walled cardboard packing boxes which is our specialty. They are strong enough to withstand a lot of pressure from heavy items, and as long as the items are packed well with bubble wrap and cling film; this will ensure nothing gets damaged in the removal van or during the process. Lincoln is one of our most popular delivery locations, and the courier driver is very reliable and friendly.

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