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Cardboard moving boxes can be useful when moving things from the spare bedroom to your new home. You might have a cupboard which is full of smaller objects which you have stored in there for quite some time. In order to make the cupboard easier to transport, you will want to empty out the drawers into a box or two, because it will make them lighter this way. You can use a medium or large double walled box for this purpose, and we have a huge selection to choose from. They are designed so that they are easy to carry and are strong enough for heavy things too. Take a look at our range below here on this page, where you can view the most popular types.

We have archive boxes with lids which are great for storage, plus they have handle holes too. House moving cardboard boxes are always sent flat packed, and wrapped in a polythene sheet. This ensures they remain dry during delivery, so if it rains your items are safe. It also keeps the dirt away, so if you are packing clothes away which you want to keep clean, this will be the ideal solution for you.

Packing boxes for moving house at affordable prices

Heavy duty boxes for moving are available here, and you need to secure them with the strongest adhesive tapes in order to fully protect the items you are putting inside of them. Here at Packing Solution we have a wide range of tapes to choose from, and our 'fragile' printed tape is the most popular type, because it allows the removal company to know that your parcel needs to be looked after with extra special attention. The only other way you can ensure protection is by using our bubble wrap, which is both useful and practical. It is lightweight and sold at a low price, so is worth the trouble.

House removal packing boxes can be used to transport a bike to your new garage. You will need to take the wheels off first, and put the wheels and frame in separate boxes. Our extra large double walled boxes should suit this purpose well, so take a look at these below on this page. If you cannot find what you are looking for, just look at the top menu and you should find what you need.