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Packing Solution offers sturdy and high-quality heavy-duty cardboard boxes in London for efficient relocations. If you need to relocate quickly to a new location closer to your office and are unsure about fast packing, our cardboard packing boxes are the perfect solution. These boxes are not only durable but also provide ample space to accommodate numerous items. We provide our services in London and all over the UK, offering a diverse range of cardboard moving boxes and packing accessories. Our boxes cater to various packing needs, making your relocation task much easier.

Top-Quality Cardboard Boxes in London at Packing Solution.

Our cardboard boxes, “Made in the UK”, are made from high-quality and durable materials. Hence, they do not break away when you push and pull at them. Available in a variety of sizes, you can easily find ones that are just right for your packing needs. With our boxes, the task of packing is quick and easy. Just open the spacious boxes, put in all your personal items, and seal the lid. We also have packing tape that you can use to seal the contents and bubble wrap rolls for the delicate and glassware items. The boxes do not let moisture or light get inside, thus keeping the contents in good condition. Since they come with handles, you can pick them up easily and put them on moving trucks. We offer next-day cardboard boxes in London and items delivered to your location in the shortest possible time so that you can quickly get on with relocation.

Cardboard Boxes For Moving in London

We are a reputable packing supplier in the UK, proud to be a family-owned business established in 1937 in England. We proudly supply over 10,000 cardboard boxes in London per week to both the public and businesses, offering them nationwide as well as locally. Our wide range of packing boxes is perfect for all packing and moving needs.

With our selection, we have something for everyone. We know Relocation is a difficult task, as you have to look into so many things for it to take place smoothly. including televisions, clothing, books and more. However, with the right packing material, half the stress of the situation is removed.

For the protection of delicate items, we recommend exploring our selection of bubble wrap available in our store. Simply wrap the contents with it and securely place them in our cardboard boxes, ensuring a convenient and efficient moving solution.

Find Cardboard Boxes Near You: We've Got You Covered!

Here at Packing Solution, we specialise in cardboard boxes for moving house, and we supply them to London, UK, as well as all of the surrounding areas too, with our speedy next-day delivery service. We are the No.1 supplier to London and are trusted by house movers throughout the city. We supply over 10,000 cardboard boxes London per week, to the public as well as businesses, as we deliver nationwide as well as locally.

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Our boxes are 100% recyclable, so they are the environmentally friendly option. We are a family run business with many years of experience in the packaging and house moving industries. As we used to run a removals company before, so we know exactly which types and sizes of boxes you are likely to need for moving. We offer a reliable next day delivery service on all orders in London, so if you need boxes at the last minute, we can help you with that. If you are moving in a few days and need boxes quickly to pack up your things on time, then we can deliver to you on the very next day of order. All of our deliveries are tracked, so you know exactly what time your order will arrive.

Pay for moving boxes London via mobile now with apple pay for quick and easy ordering, or phone us for free advice and a member of our team will be happy to assist you. We’re always up for a natter about boxes, so contact us today for help and advice. If you are searching for cardboard boxes near me then we can certainly help you. Where to buy cardboard boxes London? Right here with Packing Solution, the leading supplier of packaging to London and the surrounding areas.


Can I order cardboard boxes online and have them delivered to my location in London?

Yes, absolutely. We offer next day delivery and we will email you with the tracking details so you know exactly when your order will arrive. We deliver everywhere in and around London. We also deliver nationwide. Simply enter your delivery address to place your order online.

What types of cardboard boxes are available in London?

We sell single walled boxes as well as extra strong double walled heavy duty boxes too. We sell small, medium and large sized boxes, as well as extra large sizes, as well as specialist boxes for moving, such as wardrobe boxes and TV boxes. We have every type of box available at Packing Solution.

How can I determine the right size of cardboard boxes for my packing needs?

Large sized boxes can hold more objects inside of them, saving you trips back and forth. However, large boxes can become heavy when full, so it depends on the person carrying the box. Medium sized boxes can be carried by almost anyone, as they won’t become too heavy, but you can fit less objects inside. The exact size measurements of our boxes are clearly shown here online.

Are the cardboard boxes suitable for moving and storage purposes?

Our double walled boxes are perfect for moving and storage as they are heavy duty and extra strong, meaning they will hold heavy objects without breaking and they will protect the things you put into them. They are very durable and will last a long time.

Can I purchase custom-sized cardboard boxes?

Please email us for a quote for a custom sized box. We can produce custom boxes in certain sizes, but they are more expensive to make. If you can ‘make do’ with our existing range, this is always cheaper. Just buy more than one box and tape them together if you need a really big box.

Where can I buy cardboard boxes in London?

We at Packing Solution delivers boxes everywhere in London and the surrounding areas too. We offer next day delivery to London and will email you with the tracking information so you know exactly when your order will arrive.

Are the cardboard boxes in London, UK made from recycled materials?

All of our boxes are made in the UK from recycled paper, and they are 100% recyclable too. Our bubble wrap is also fully recyclable.

Are the cardboard boxes sturdy and durable?

Our double walled boxes are very strong indeed. They will be able to hold very heavy objects inside of them without breaking and they will protect the objects you put into them. You can stack them on top of one another and they are designed to last for a very long time.

Do the cardboard boxes come with additional packing supplies, such as tape and bubble wrap, for the London location?

You can order boxes on their own, or you can add packing accessories such as tape and bubble wrap to your order as well. We offer all types of packaging for delivery. If you order our moving packs, they contain tape and bubble wrap as well as boxes.

Are there any discounts or promotions available for cardboard boxes in the London area?

Our prices are always at the lowest we can offer. We do not have discounts or promotions at certain times because we always offer the best prices available. In fact, our prices are some of the cheapest available in the country.

How should I properly dispose of cardboard boxes after use?

Our boxes are 100% recyclable. If you have a small number of boxes, just put them with your local recycling collection bin to be taken away. If you have lots of boxes, take them to your local recycling centre and put them in the cardboard skip. The best option is to re-use the boxes wherever possible, as they are useful for moving, storage and shipping too. Give them to a friend or local business if not.

Are there any specific recommendations for packing fragile items using cardboard boxes?

Always use strong boxes made from double walled cardboard for packing fragile items, as they will help to protect the objects inside. Also, make sure you use bubble wrap and packing tissue paper to further protect the objects inside. Make sure you use a box of an appropriate size, so the objects won’t move around inside the box. If there’s too much space, just use more bubble wrap to fill the gaps.

Can I use the cardboard boxes in London for international shipping?

Yes absolutely. Our double walled boxes are perfect for international shipping as they are made from strong heavy duty cardboard and they will protect the objects during transit and hold heavy weights inside without breaking. They are ideal for stacking on top of one another.

Are there any weight limitations for the cardboard boxes in London?

Our strong double walled boxes can hold a very heavy weight inside without breaking. They can hold up to 35kg or anything lighter. Our single walled boxes are only suitable for lighter objects.

Are the cardboard boxes suitable for commercial and business use?

Yes our boxes are great for both commercial business use and for use by members of the public too. We have a wide range of sizes and types of box and we offer huge discounts for larger purchase quantities too. Both can order directly from this website.

Can I return unused cardboard boxes for a refund?

You can return any boxes within 30 days of placing your order for a full refund. We have an easy no quibble returns policy.

Are the cardboard boxes available for immediate purchase, or is there a lead time for London?

Our boxes are all held in stock and are available for immediate dispatch from our warehouse. They are all available for next day delivery. We will email you with the tracking information so you know what time your order will arrive.