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House moving boxes are great to help you move clothing when you move house. You will want to put clothes into separate boxes rather than leave them in the chest of drawers and wardrobes that they came from, because it will make your wardrobes and chest of drawers easier to carry and to transport this way. All of our boxes are completely brand new, which means they are very clean and will keep your clothes in great condition, plus it helps you to carry many items of clothing all at once. We also have wardrobe boxes for sale, which are very tall and wide, and they have a hanging rail too. They are designed to help you to move suits and dresses, so that you don't have to pay for a dry cleaners when you move.

Packing boxes for moving will arrive flat packed, and wrapped in a polythene sheet. This ensures that they are waterproof during delivery, just in case it rains. It will also be protected from dirt, which ensures you are able to use them as soon as they arrive with no issues. Flat packed boxes are simple to put together, you just have to fold in the flaps at both ends and secure with tape. We have different tape options here online which are very strong and durable.

Heavy duty boxes for moving at affordable prices

House removal packing boxes come in many different shapes and sizes. The sizes will depend upon the items you are putting inside of them, and it will also depend on your personal ability to carry them. The shapes will depend on how easy they are to stack and how easy they are to fit in a removal lorry, and the shapes that we offer are all designed to be ideal for this purpose. We have both square and rectangular boxes available for sale, and all exact size measurements are given here online which makes things very easy for you.

Large boxes for moving house will help you to carry lots of items in each load, and they are great for moving, as long as they are strong enough to hold the weight and as long as you can carry them. Our XL double walled boxes are the most popular choice for house movers in the UK, so take a look at these online.