Well Known Shop For Cardboard Boxes For Packing in Loughborough

Welcome to Packing Solution, the most popular shop for cardboard boxes for packing in Loughborough. We specialise specifically in supplying Loughborough and its surrounding areas, and we can even deliver nationwide should you wish. We send all of our house removal packing boxes with a next day delivery courier service, so no matter where you live, they will be delivered to your doorstep. They will all come wrapped in a polythene sheet too, which protects against the wet weather during delivery, and we guarantee the boxes will arrive un damaged or your money back.

Cardboard boxes for moving in Loughborough

It is very hard to find large boxes for house moving in Loughborough, so don’t look any further. We offer everything that you could need here at Packing Solution. As well as our famous packing cardboard boxes we also offer many different types of packaging accessories too, everything from bubble wrap, to tape and cling film too, in many different sizes. We sell both single walled cardboard boxes and double walled cardboard boxes too, which are far superior and much stronger and long lasting.


They are much better for carrying heavier items, and are much better at protecting precious items too, and for virtually the same price, why not. We offer many different shapes and sizes, to match your exacting requirements. Storage boxes found here at Packing Solution do the job perfectly, and are brown in colour to write on what is inside them. Cardboard boxes for moving are often bought in large unwanted packs, where as we offer singular boxes one at a time, so you can choose exactly what you need of each.

Cardboard boxes for removals in Loughborough can be delivered anywhere in the country, so no matter if you are moving just down the road or moving a longer distance, we have you covered. Our cardboard packing boxes are offered with the cheapest delivery on the market, for just four pounds fifty we can deliver next day with a courier service, so why risk collecting boxes when they are unlikely to fit inside of your car, when we can send them straight to your doorstep. We can offer any advice on what sized boxes and what quantity you would require, so contact our friendly team of staff if you need to know anything regarding packaging what so ever. We hope you find what you are looking for.