Shop now for cardboard boxes Loughton with Packing Solution

Cardboard packaging boxes can be a struggle to find on the high street, because very few shops specialise in packaging and boxes. Businesses do not hand them out easily, and so they are hard to come by if you are moving home or storing something, or if you are shipping something in the post too. Most large packaging manufacturers will ask you to buy a minimum of a thousand boxes at a time, and this is far from ideal for your average mover in the UK. This is why Packing Solution was formed, to provide the highest quality and most affordable packaging and accessories throughout the country.

Large boxes for house moving are available here along with smaller and medium sized options too, which means you can find everything you need in one place. We have no minimum orders, so you can buy as little as one or two boxes, or five or ten boxes too. We have no maximums either, so if you have a large house or office move then we can supply you with that too, and we offer huge discounts with our larger packs of boxes so you can save over thirty percent on those options.  

Heavy duty boxes for moving at affordable prices

Cardboard packing boxes are available here with our family run business, and we have many years of experience when it comes to packaging and house moving. The business began many years ago in the 1930's with our footwear business, with which we deal with every type of packaging imaginable from shoe boxes to cartons and tape. We had people passing by the factory asking for packaging for their house move, and at first we gave it away for free. This evolved, and eventually formed Packing Solution as it is known today.

House removal packing boxes have been sold at the lowest prices ever since, and we have never looked back. We are a business that prides itself on our quality of service to the customer, and our delivery times and product quality are at the top of our priority list. We ensure that customer service is of the highest quality, and this is why we offer free expert advice on choosing the right packaging materials for you, so please give us a call if you need any assistance with picking the right packaging that you need.