Best Places To Buy Cardboard Boxes Near Me

Welcome to Packing Solution, the number one retailer of boxes for house removal here in Luton. We are a family run company, with years of experience within the packaging industry here in Luton. Our range of cardboard packing boxes consists of the very best and most popular types of box specifically designed for people who are moving home in the local area, or even for people moving home further afield too. We believe we have something for every household, no matter how big or small. We hope you find what you are looking for. 

House removal packing boxes in Luton

Removal boxes in Luton need to be chosen based on how many you need, and what sizes you require too, and your budget also. We cater for all of these requirements, and our expert team will be able to offer you advice too. Cardboard boxes for packing are often sold in huge quantity packs, but here at Packing Solution we offer the service of being able to purchase just one at a time, so you can pick exactly what you require.


Delivery of our cardboard boxes for moving in Luton are charged at a very low rate of four pounds and fifty pence for a next day delivery, which is much lower than competitors who commonly charge much higher amounts. Cardboard boxes for removals that are purchased here in Luton from Packing Solution are given unique order numbers, and a confirmation email will be sent out once the order has been placed. If you have not received this within twelve hours, please contact us. House removal packing boxes are brown in colour, which may sound simple, but it is because this makes them easy to write on when you are moving home, so that everything is well organised and you can find your things easily.

Double wall cardboard boxes are always the type we would recommend, as they are much stronger and durable, which is ideal for your house moving requirements. Delivery boxes in Luton need to be a little smaller, as this way they are cheaper when you send them via royal mail. Please take a look below at our best selling range of boxes, and take a look at our full products menu at the top too and we are sure you will be satisfied here at Packing Solution. Good luck with the move.