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Cardboard boxes for house removal can be useful when moving books or magazines from your home, and our medium double walled boxes are the ideal size, strength, shape and weight for holding books. They are our most popular choice for house movers, because they are strong enough to hold a huge weight inside of them of up to thirty kilograms, and they are not too large so it makes them easy to move and lift when being transported. They can fit into cars as well as lorries and vans, so they are versatile and can be transported in many different ways.

House removal packing boxes are best made of our double walled cardboard, because they are the strongest you can buy. We also offer some value single walled boxes too, which are great value for money, and they are fine for lighter items during a house move. The medium single walled boxes are great for moving almost anything from your home, so they are very useful, and you can buy them for £1.59 each if you buy a pack of ten boxes, because we offer discounts for our packs.  

Packing boxes for moving at affordable prices

House moving boxes come in many different shapes and sizes, and picking the right ones for you can be hard. This is why we have put together a large selection of moving packs, which are designed to give you a good idea of how many boxes and in which shapes and sizes you will need for a specific size of house move, and it is based on the number of bedrooms in your house. It is based on average industry statistics, so we hope they are useful for you. You can find them in the top menu under the heading 'moving packs'.

Packing boxes UK are made from premium corrugated cardboard, which means that is high quality, and our cardboard was produced here in the UK too. It is one hundred percent recyclable, and we offer other types of packaging materials that help you to move too, such as strong tape and bubble wrap, as well as cling film, polythene and cable ties too, and we have furniture protection covers as well. It means you can find everything you need here in one place at the lowest prices directly for you to your doorstep, so sit back and relax.