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House moving boxes are available here in a huge range of sizes. We have no minimums, which means you can order exactly the number of boxes that you need of each size. You can mix and match, so that you cover a number of different options to ensure you have the right boxes. We also have discounted packs of five or ten boxes too, and you can make big savings with those as well. You can find these under the heading of moving packs at the top menu, or you can find some of the best sellers below here on this page. We also have multi packs which are made up of a variety of moving products, including boxes, bubble wrap and tape.

Packing boxes for moving are available in different types; we have double walled cardboard boxes which are very strong and durable, and they are great for moving the heaviest of things. They are durable so will last a very long time, and they are excellent value for money. We always recommend these as being the premium choice for house moving in the UK. We also sell single walled boxes, which are fine for lighter items and they are slightly cheaper too so you can make some savings for the lighter household goods.    

House removal packing boxes at affordable prices

Cardboard boxes for house removal can be useful when transporting clothes to your new home. Our boxes are all brand new and completely clean, plus we wrap them in polythene before sending them to you so they remain in excellent condition. It means that you can transport clothing in them without the worry of needing to wash the clothes again when you move in. Plus we offer wardrobe boxes, which are very tall and strong, and they have a hanging rail for you to hang your clothes on.

Cardboard packing boxes are for sale along with strong packing tape as well. It can be used to hold together all types of boxes securely, and you need to put it along all of the edges of the flaps at the end of the box. Ordinary supermarket tape will not do the job, and is not worth the trouble because the box will just come undone. Our tape is as strong as duct tape and is industrial strength heavy duty tape.