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Welcome to the leading supplier of cardboard boxes for moving in Newbury. Packing Solution was established to supply Newbury with house removal packing boxes many years ago, as it is becoming increasingly difficult to find boxes in the town shops. We offer next day delivery on all orders, and they are sent via courier. We guarantee the boxes will arrive undamaged, and our prices are unbeatable as is the quality. All of our boxes are made here in England, and we have contracts with a local recycling company too.

Boxes for house removal in Newbury

Here at Packing Solution we know how difficult and stressful it can be organising a house move. This is why we aim to make things as easy as possible for you. Take a look at our wide range of cardboard packing boxes which are specifically designed for people who are moving home, and we offer the most popular sizes and types of moving boxes online so you are bound to find what you require. We also offer multi packs which help you decide exactly how many boxes you will need for a specific sized house move.

We offer both single and double wall cardboard boxes too, which we would always recommend. They are much stronger and more durable, and will be able to support your heavier items and protect your breakable items too. Where can I get cardboard boxes for moving in Newbury? Simply take a look below on this page and you will see our most popular types of boxes for moving home. Also, take a look at our full products page at the top menu, where you can see all of the accessories we offer too such as bubble wrap and tape.

Large boxes for moving house are difficult to come by. Supermarkets no longer give them out, and you wouldn’t want a old rotten box for your things either. Storage boxes are for sale here, which are great for putting your old things away in the garage such as an old computer or phone.

Removal boxes are difficult to choose, when deciding how many and what size you require. So simply contact us if you are unsure, and our expert team will be able to advise you on the correct course of action. All of our contact details can be found at the contact section on the top menu.