House Removal Boxes & Packaging Accessories Shop in Newry

Cardboard boxes for moving house are sold here from Packing Solution to every home in Newry as well as the surrounding areas too, on a next day delivery service. We have a great big range of storage boxes for house moving in terms of shape and size and price too, and our range was designed by experts with lots of experience for the exact purpose of house moving in Newry, so rest assured you are in the right place for moving boxes.

Removal boxes here in Newry with Packing Solution

Heavy duty boxes can be used to transport your telephone to the new home, because it will keep all of the wires together so nothing gets lost or damaged, and you will know where to put the box once you arrive. Heavy duty boxes for moving are really hard to come by on the high street because no shops sell them, and this is the purpose of Packing Solution. Strong cardboard boxes for shipping can be square shaped or rectangular too.

The best method of choosing the right boxes for you is to measure your things up. Storage boxes are available as well as other packing accessories such as bubble wrap, tape, and other types of box too such as house moving boxes. Delivery boxes can be used to send your business products out in the mail, we have some great sizes to choose from including a mail order box designed for this exact purpose. Cardboard packing boxes can be re used for lots of different activities, such as insulation in your home, or making a play home too.

Double wall cardboard boxes are the most popular type for house moving, because they are not only light weight but durable too and strong as you can buy. We hope you enjoy shopping with us here at Packing Solution- all of our products are manufactured in the UK and they are recyclable too. We are a family run business with over 80 years of experience with packaging.