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House removal packing boxes come in many different shapes and sizes, and picking the right ones for you can be tough. Here at Packing Solution we have many years of experience when it comes to moving home, because we have run a removal company, and we also have many years of experience with packaging too, so we are able to provide you with free expert advice when it comes to choosing which boxes you might need for the job you need them for. Our boxes can be used for office or house moves, as well as for storage or shipping things in the post as well.

Large boxes for moving house can be useful when moving a toaster from your kitchen to the new home. It is a good idea to use a strong box for the job, so that it can hold the weight of the toaster, and the box will help you make the toaster easier to carry and transport. It will also help to keep the toaster clean, so that you don't really have to wash it when you move in and you can treat yourself to some beans on toast when you need a snack after all of the heavy lifting of moving.  

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Packing boxes UK need to be sealed shut using some of the strongest packing tapes, because ordinary supermarket tape will not be strong enough, and it is too thin too. Here at Packing Solution we offer some wide and extra strong packing tape, which is designed to hold even the largest of boxes shut. You will need to put it along all of the edges at each end of the box, where the flaps meet. We also offer bubble wrap in a variety of different sizes, and that is designed to protect the things inside of the boxes from damage, and you can also stuff it into the gaps within a box to ensure that the things inside do not slide around.

Heavy duty boxes for moving include our archive boxes which come with lids. The lids allow for extra durability and they help to hold the box together, and the lids also allow for easy access to the contents inside of them. They have handle holes which makes them easy to carry and to transport too, which is very useful.