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Packing boxes Okehampton are available to buy individually, or we offer discounted packs of five or ten boxes. The more that you buy, the cheaper the price per box, and we sell moving packs which include a variety of different packaging products such as boxes, bubble wrap and tape, and they predict the number of each that you will need based on the number of bedrooms in your home, which is designed to save you time and effort. Moving boxes Okehampton are made from premium corrugated cardboard in the UK, and they are one hundred percent recyclable.

This is what makes them ideal for house moving in comparison to plastic bags or plastic boxes, and this is the reason that they are far more popular for this purpose. We are house moving experts, and know exactly which sizes and types of box are the most useful to you. Cardboard boxes Okehampton need to be strong and durable, because they need to hold a heavy weight and protect what you put into them.

Our boxes are widely regarded as being the best quality in the United Kingdom, because of the expertise that goes into producing each and every box. They are made with love and care, from our family to yours.  Bubble wrap rolls Okehampton can be used to help you protect certain delicate items from your home during the house move. Perhaps you have bought a large new television for your living room which you want to protect from damage, but you can’t find a box of an appropriate size because it is very large and wide, so bubble wrap is the obvious answer to ensure that the screen cannot crack or smash.

Bubble wrap Okehampton could also be used to help you if you are moving a small number of items in a car, perhaps back from University. You could fill the outsides of the car with bubble wrap to ensure that the things you put into the car are going to be already protected as much as possible with cushioning everywhere.

This might be impractical, but some people do it this way. Personally we believe it is best to wrap up each item individually. Bubble wrap for sale Okehampton needs to be secured in place using strong packing tape, which we sell here at Packing Solution too. It is important that you use strong adhesive tape for the job, because this is the only way to ensure that it will stick properly to your items and hold the bubble wrap in place correctly.