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Strength and rigidity are crucial in packing cardboard boxes, in order to ensure the longevity of the protection offered by your selected box during transit or shipping. When choosing a box that’s right for the task at hand, it’s important to know what you want that box to withstand; will it be moving small items across a small distance, or moving large, heavy, and often times fragile items a large distance? This is why having a wide variety of boxes to choose from is extremely beneficial to you as the customer.

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When choosing House moving boxes, smaller items can be boxed up easily with our CD and DVD cases, whereas larger items, maybe in need to padding and protection, can be packed up with our thicker, medium sized double walled boxes, ensuring just enough space for your selected packing material of choice. Larger items in the house, such as chairs, clocks, lampshades, or chandeliers, our large/extra large single and double walled boxes should provide excellent protection, when used with our own packing tissues and bubble wraps, to ensure that what you pack away, looks exactly the same as it did when it left your care.

Cardboard packaging boxes, such as what you would use for posting or storage, often time require a sturdier built box, in order to deal with abuse seen in large quantities of heavy boxes knocking into each other in transit, in order to combat this, our thicker double walled range of boxes should provide your valuables with an extra layer of protection against the hard corners of other items and boxes. Combining any of our double walled range with our packing tissue or bubble wrap will be sure to offer substantial protection for your items, far more so than what could be seen in the performance of an inferior quality box or packing material.

Packing boxes for moving are often subject to frequent light hits and dents against walls, banister rails, and corners of doors and doorways when moving through the house. With less sturdy boxes, light knocks and dents can often open up large holes in the boxes, exposing your belongings to the harsh environment, and creating a weak point in your box, sure to rip open and spill all your valuables out onto the floor. Packing solution however, provides the sturdy, and tough boxes you’ll need to avoid these problems, even our thinner single wall range can provide excellent protection, and can stand up to light hits and dings admirably. All online orders will be shipped to your location free of cost the very next day.