Shop now for cardboard boxes Pontefract with Packing Solution

Packing boxes for moving are available in as little as one box at a time here with Packing Solution, because we have no minimum orders. It means you can mix and match, to pick the exact number of each size of box that you need, without any wastage. We also have discounted packs of five or ten boxes at a time for sale, which can save you over thirty percent by looking at these bulk purchase packs of boxes. On top of that, we have moving packs which are made up of a variety of different packing materials, including boxes, bubble wrap and strong tape, and the more bedrooms there are the larger the pack becomes.

These are also heavily discounted, so that you can make big savings here too. Heavy duty boxes for moving can be used to send the heaviest of things, because they will be strong enough to hold the weight without breaking apart. We have many different sizes of double walled boxes, and it will just depend on your ability to carry them when full if you are moving house. Our medium double walled boxes are the most popular choice for house movers because they are a general book box size which is easy to manoeuvre and carry out of doors.  

House removal packing boxes at affordable prices

Large boxes for moving house can be useful when moving a lampshade from your bedroom, which you want to put into a protective box because it could easily get bent otherwise, and it is an awkward shape so fitting it into a removal lorry could be a challenge unless it is in a box. Boxes make packing a removal van very easy, because of the square shape of them.

It means you can stack them up and fit them into every little gap, with very little wastage of space. It is a bit like a jigsaw trying to fit all of your things into a load of the van. Moving boxes online will arrive flat packed and wrapped in one of our polythene sheets, which ensures they are waterproof and looked after while they arrive, even if it rains. It means they will be in great condition, and you will be able to use them as soon as you move into the new home. You can easily transport them and store them.