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Large boxes for moving house are available in many different shapes and sizes here at Packing Solution, and we have both single and double walled options available. Our double walled corrugated cardboard boxes are the best for house moving, storage and shipping because they are much stronger. They can hold the largest and heaviest of things inside of them without breaking, and they will help to protect whatever you put inside of them.

They can be stacked on top of one another without breaking too, and this is especially important when moving home because you have to fill a removal lorry as much as possible to save you trips back and forth. Heavy duty boxes for moving are available at the lowest prices here online, so take a good look around. We have no minimums, so you can buy the exact number of each size of box that you need, and it means you can buy a variety of different sizes if you are unsure as to what you require exactly. We have discounted packs of five or ten boxes at a time as well, and you can make big savings with those so they are worth looking at.    

House removal packing boxes at affordable prices

Cardboard packing boxes can be useful when shipping something in the post. We have mail order boxes which are great if you are sending some old shoes in the post which you have sold online because they were taking up a bit too much room in your bedroom. Our mail order boxes are commonly used for shoes because they are the ideal size for a shoe box, and in fact we supply a footwear company which sells all over the globe with them.

If you send them with Royal Mail, they will count as a small parcel which can save you money too, as long as your things fit inside of them. Moving boxes online include our Cd sized boxes, which are great for smaller things in a house move or for shipping. They are great for protection because they are small they are also very strong, so they can hold quite a lot of weight on them. They are excellent for shifting jewellery and other small things like stationary too during an office move, and they are designed to hold ten CD's at a time in them.