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Cardboard boxes for house removal are available in many different shapes and sizes here at Packing Solution, and we are a family run company of experienced packaging experts, with many years of experience with packaging. We offer medium double walled boxes, which are our most popular size of box available to buy, and they are excellent for the purpose of house moving and storage because they are great for holding all types of objects, including books, and they can easily be carried and transported too, which is what makes them so versatile and useful.

House moving boxes also include our wardrobe boxes, which come with hanging rails included. They are designed for shifting clothing from your wardrobe, including expensive suits and dresses, which you don't want to have to dry clean when you move and so they are worth keeping hung up in a wardrobe box instead. These boxes are very large, and the hanging rail can also be removed, so that you can use that extra large box for other purposes as well. You can fit almost anything inside of them, so they are very useful for the purpose of moving, storage and shipping too.    

Packing cardboard boxes at affordable prices

Heavy duty boxes for moving can be used for shipping things in the post as well. If the boxes are strong enough, then they will help to protect the things that you are sending in the post, and this is very important, especially if the parcel is going on a long journey overseas. Our boxes are used and trusted by professional removal companies throughout the UK, and they are also used by businesses throughout the country as well, and they are widely regarded as being the best quality at the most affordable prices.

Large boxes for moving house need to be the right size for the items that you are shipping, and you need to measure carefully using some tape measure, and our exact sizing measurements are given here online by clicking on the product that you are most interested in. This will give you details and measurements in millimetres, centimetres and inches too, so you can make a good decision from your home as to the boxes that you require for the job. If anything you need a box that is slightly larger than your things rather than smaller.