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Heavy duty boxes for moving are available here in a huge selection of sizes. We have medium double walled boxes which are great value for money, and they are the most popular types that we offer for house moving. They are a general book box size, which makes them brilliant for shipping most household items without being too heavy to carry. We have large double walled boxes which are great for computers, printers and other medium sized objects that require a box that is a bit bigger.

We also sell extra large double walled boxes, which are very large and you need to be careful as to how heavy they become when they are full of your possessions. Cardboard packaging boxes are also available in our range of single walled boxes, which are excellent value for money. They are significantly cheaper than double walled options, so you can make big savings here. They are fine for lighter items that you are shipping, but not so good for the heavier things from your home. They are all made from premium corrugated cardboard, which is made here in the UK. They are one hundred percent recyclable too, as are our range of bubble wrap rolls too.    

Cardboard boxes for house removal at affordable prices

Large boxes for moving house will arrive flat packed, which are easy to put together by just folding in the flaps at each end. It makes them easy to transport and easy to store until you need to use them. They will arrive wrapped up in a polythene sheet, which makes them completely waterproof and dirt proof too, so that you can use them as soon as they arrive if you need to.

All of our boxes are completely brand new, which means they are clean and can be useful for sending clothing inside and will keep them clean and in good condition too. House moving boxes also include our range of wardrobe boxes, which come with hanging rails. They are excellent for shipping all types of clothing, and are great if you have lots of suits and dinner jackets, as well as dresses and tops too. They will ensure they do not need to be ironed and cleaned when you move in, because this would be an extra chore that you didn't plan for. They are our largest boxes.