Shop now for cardboard boxes Seaford

Cardboard boxes for house removal are what we specialise in here at Packing Solution. We are a family run business with many years of experience within the packaging industry. We have a vast level of experience in running a removal company too, so we have brought together the very best and most popular boxes for the purpose of moving home and office here online. The sizes, types and shapes that we offer represent the very best and most popular types for house movers, and they are both practical and useful, as well as low priced and efficient.

Packing cardboard boxes include our range of archive boxes with lids, which are strong and durable boxes that are great for both house moving and storage purposes. The lids allow for easy access to the contents inside, and they have handle holes which makes them easy to lift and shift. They have space for you to write on the outside to say what is inside of them, which is what makes them great for documents and notes in an office because you can say what is inside. They will arrive flat packed and are very easy to put together.  

Heavy duty boxes for moving at affordable prices

Packing boxes UK are for sale here along with strong packing tape, which can be used together even the largest and heaviest of boxes. It can stick to almost any surface, and it is stronger than all other types of ordinary tape from a supermarket. We also have packing tissue paper, which is great for protecting smaller things such as plates and glasses and mugs from the kitchen, and they are soft and durable. They come in packs of five hundred sheets at a time, so they are great value for money.

House removal packing boxes can be used to help you store away some old films that you don't watch much any more. They are classics though, so you don't want to get rid of them. Films such as Jumanji and Hook are among them, which are great Robin Williams classics and so you want to store them away until you feel like watching them again in future. You could use a strong medium double walled box for the job, and that would be the ideal size and strength to hold the weight of the films, and you can find them below here.