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Packing boxes for moving can be useful when sending larger items with a courier service in the post. Couriers are always better than Royal Mail for larger parcels because they are a lower price, and they tend to charge you based on weight rather than size of the parcel which is more flexible and easy. We offer all different sizes of box, and it is important to pick a box that most fits your item, so that there isn't too much space surrounding it in the box. If there was too much space around, it would cause the item inside to slide around and potential get broken or damaged.

Heavy duty boxes for moving are extra strong and durable, and they will not break easily which means they will help to protect the things inside of the boxes too. You can fill the gaps in each box with bubble wrap to not only ensure they do not slide around and get damaged, but to cushion any movement that happens inside of the box. You can cut boxes down to size on the corners, because the flaps are flexible and can be made longer, thus reducing the size of any box. This way you can make sure boxes fit the items you are putting inside of them.    

House moving boxes at affordable prices

Cardboard packaging boxes are for sale and these include our wardrobe boxes. They are our largest size of box by a long way, and they are very tall and wide. They are designed for you to hold plenty of suits and dresses in them, and it ensures that you do not have to dry clean and iron them when you have moved. The hanging rail is removable, which means you can also use these super large boxes for other purposes too. You might have a bicycle which is large and you want to ship a long way away, and these boxes would be a good size for that.

Cardboard boxes for house removal are available as individual boxes to buy, which means you can mix and match to pick the exact number of each size of box that you need. We also have discounted packs of five or ten boxes at a time, and you can make big savings with those options too. The more you buy the more you can save, so they are worth looking at.