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Welcome to Packing Solution. We are the best retailer of cardboard boxes here in Solihull, and we offer speedy next day delivery on all orders to every home in the area as well as the surrounding areas too. We have no minimum orders, so even if you only require a few boxes at a time we have the ideal service for you.

Cardboard boxes with lids are sold here as well as many ordinary fold up boxes and other types of packing accessories too, so we are sure you will find everything that you need here in one place online.

Buy packing boxes in Solihull here with Packing Solution

Storage boxes can be used to store away your shoes that you don’t wear regularly, but they cost you a lot of money and so you don’t want to throw them away either, so storing is the best possible option for you at this stage, and our boxes are ideal for this. Heavy duty boxes for moving can be used to move your heaviest of things to the new home, such as a toaster, which will require a large box that will not break during delivery because this would cause a lot of issues for you.

Strong cardboard boxes for shipping could be used for many other purposes after you have moved home, for example, you could make things out of them for your children to play with and you could paint them, or you can simply recycle them as well. Boxes for house moving bought here are all one hundred percent recyclable, and we work closely with a local recycling company as well, and looking after the environment is extremely important to us here at Packing Solution.

Where to buy cardboard packing boxes is easy to know here, just take a look below here at our best selling range which we have put together for you, or look at our full product list at the top menu as well and we are certain that you will find everything that you need. Cardboard boxes and cartons are the same things, they are just different names for the same type of large box that is ideal for house movers in Solihull, so take a look. Removal boxes are sent flat packed, which are then ready for you to assemble when you choose by just folding in the ends and securing.