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Cardboard boxes for house removal are what we specialise in here at Packing Solution. We supply both the public and businesses in Sudbury as well as the surrounding areas, and we offer next day delivery on all orders. We have no minimum orders, so you can buy as little as one box at a time if you need it. We also offer huge discounts if you purchase five or ten boxes of a size, so you can save over thirty percent by looking at those options. We also have moving packs, which give you an idea of how many boxes you need for a size of house move, plus they include bubble wrap and strong tape too.

House removal packing boxes can be hard to find because very few places specialise in packaging for house movers. This is why Packing Solution was formed, as the premier supplier of moving boxes and accessories to the people of Sudbury and the surrounding areas too. We have an easy to use website which shows our full in stock range, which ensures you can get the packaging that you need, in time for when you need it.  

Packing boxes UK at affordable prices

Cardboard packing boxes can be used for storage purposes as well as moving. We have archive boxes in different sizes available, which have lids on. They are great for storage, and you can use them to store old notes and documents on the shelf in your office, or you can use them to store other things in the attic or garage as well because they are multi purpose boxes that are good for numerous things.

They have handle holes too, so they are easy to lift from the handles as well as from the bottom of the box as well, which makes your life easy. Packing boxes for moving come in both single and double walled cardboard. Our single walled options are strong but not as strong as double walled, and they are great value for money. They can be used for lighter things in a house move, and they can be great for storage purposes as well. We have medium double walled boxes which are brilliant for transporting toys and pillows, and we have double walled medium sized boxes which are better for books and heavier things. We also have larger boxes and smaller ones.