Buy House Moving Boxes in Taunton, Somerset, Here at Packing Solution

Cardboard storage boxes are what we specialise in, and Taunton is our most popular delivery location. We have years of experience in the packaging industry, supplying customers in need since the 1930’s. We are family run and owned, and you can contact us to speak with one of the Draper family who will be happy to help you.

Buy Packing Boxes in Taunton

There are many reasons why you would want Packaging boxes whether you are moving home or need storage, or moving your business to a new location, we offer everything you could need. Our boxes for house moving come in a variety of sizes and shapes, so you can find everything you need stress free here at Packing Solution.

Supermarkets no longer offer cheap cardboard boxes and here we offer brand new boxes at very affordable prices, in fact we are cheaper than the majority of the market leaders in packaging in the United Kingdom. We deliver nationwide. Our archive and removal boxes can be bought here online in our easy to use store, simply click on the products option on the menu at the top and search through the different options available, then simply add to cart

and checkout when ready. We offer free next day delivery on all orders! Packing boxes for moving will need to be large enough to store large heavy items, as well as smaller lighter items, and our moving boxes cater for that perfectly. There is no need to look elsewhere for where to buy packing boxes.

We offer both double walled boxes which are useful for storing larger items, as they are more sturdy and long lasting, which we would always recommend using, and we also offer single walled boxes for lighter items, which are better value for money. All of our products are some of the most affordable you can get- don’t believe us then look around online and compare with others! We are 100% confident in our product that it is the best.

We also sell bubble wrap online and other packaging accessories such as tape, so that you can get everything you need in one place. It is important to use strong box tape as opposed to normal supermarket tape, as it is much stronger and more durable, and will last a lot longer, especially important when storing items for a long time.