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Heavy duty boxes for moving can be used to shift the larger and heavier of things in your home. Our double walled cardboard boxes are the best you can buy, and we have many different types here at Packing Solution. We have large double walled boxes which are brilliant for shipping all sorts of things, and they are great for stacking on top of one another in the removal lorry in order to fit more into each load of the van. The walls are very strong and sturdy, and they will hold the weight of many other boxes put on top of them.

House removal packing boxes are available in discounted packs of five or ten boxes at a time, and you can make savings of over thirty percent by looking at those options so they are well worth the trouble. Have a look at our moving packs from the top menu to see our biggest offers on boxes, and we also sell individual boxes too, so that you are able to mix and match to pick the exact number of each size of box that you require with no wastage and that way you can find out which size of box is ideal for you by trial and error.    

Packing cardboard boxes at affordable prices

Packing boxes for moving are available on our next day delivery service to every home in Thetford as well as the surrounding areas too. We can deliver to you tomorrow with our tracked service, so you know exactly when they will arrive tomorrow. We can deliver to any address that you choose, such as a work address or family member's address too. We can also leave specific delivery instructions for the driver, to leave the parcel with a neighbour or on the porch if you are out. We are very flexible, which ensures you can definitely receive the boxes when you need them.

Cardboard packaging boxes sold here are all recyclable, and it is important to do this to look after the environment. You can also re use them for storage purposes or shipping in the post too, so make sure you look at all possible options before just throwing them away. They are useful for putting those old unwanted things in the garage for a period of time until you need to use them again in future.