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Heavy duty boxes for moving can be useful for shipping the largest and heaviest of things from your home during a house move. They are strong and durable, so can withstand the weight of heavy items, plus they can be stacked on top of one another because they are capable of holding such a high weight on them. This is especially useful if you are moving home, because you need to stack boxes before they are put into the removal lorry, and they need to be stacked in the removal lorry too.

Moving boxes online can be a challenge to find on the high street, because very few shops specialise in packaging. This is why Packing Solution was formed, to provide the highest quality and most affordable packaging and accessories to the people of Thornaby on Tees as well as the surrounding areas too, and we offer next day delivery which is guaranteed. We send a tracking number once the order has been dispatched, so that you know when they will arrive tomorrow to your door. We can deliver on any date that you choose, it doesn't have to be tomorrow if it doesn't suit you. Just write that information in the notes section at the checkout stage online.    

Packing boxes UK at affordable prices

Packing boxes for moving can be useful when sending some products in the post to customers. Maybe you run a business which sells shirts online, and you want those to reach the customers in great condition. The shirts will have been ironed prior to sending them out, and you need to ensure that they remain ironed on their journey to the customer as well, so the best way to do this is by using the best protective packaging around.

Bubble wrap will keep them in shape, and it will also protect them from water damage and dirt, which is of vital importance with clothing. Cardboard packing boxes available here with Packing Solution are all brand new, which means they are completely clean and will keep the contents very clean as well. This means that if you are shifting clothing that they will remain in great condition and be completely clean when you unpack them too. We have wardrobe boxes which are designed for hanging special types of clothing, such as suits and dresses, and they have a hanging rail included.