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Heavy duty boxes for moving can be extremely useful when you move house. They can be used to transport the heavier and larger items from your home, as well as numerous smaller items that can weigh a lot collectively. You could use it to move your duvet from your bedroom to the new house, because all of our boxes are completely brand new, which means they are very clean and tidy. They will not cause your duvet to get dirty, and so this is ideal so it means you can have a good first nights sleep in the home.

Moving boxes online are available here along with cling film, which can be used to wrap around the boxes that you use in order to keep them dry and water tight during the moving process. If your duvet is in a box and it rains, then it could go through the box and to your duvet and get that wet, but if you wrap the box in cling film first, then it will remain dry no matter what. This is extremely important, and you can seal the edges using our strong box tape, because that is exactly what it is designed for.    

Cardboard packaging boxes at affordable prices

House moving boxes include our range of single walled cardboard boxes, which are great value for money. They are suitable for the lighter items from your home, such as pillows or toys etc. You can buy them individually or in packs of five or ten boxes too, and you can save over thirty percent by looking at these options. They are our cheapest options, and our PS04 medium single walled boxes are the most popular choice for house movers. They are 508x305x305 mm in measurement, so they can fit most things inside of them with ease.

Cardboard packing boxes need to be handled with care, because after all they are only cardboard. You can ensure the courier carries your parcel with care by using our fragile printed tape, which lets everybody know that your parcel needs looking after. We offer a discounted pack of two rolls of fragile printed tape for under six pounds, so they are worth the trouble. You can find them below here on this page or take a look at the accessories tab from the top menu and you can see them there too.