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Heavy duty boxes for moving can be useful for the larger and heavier of things during a house or office move. Here at Packing Solution we have many different sizes of double wall box available, and they are as heavy duty as you can buy. They are great value for money too, because they are our most popular types of box and so we are able to pass the benefit onto our customers. We have medium, large and extra large double walled boxes, plus our wardrobe boxes are made from double walled cardboard too, so there are plenty of strong box options available to you.

Moving boxes online are the best because prices are far lower than on the high street. The range offered is likely to be much larger than you can find on the high street too, because not many shops specialise in packaging. Here at Packing Solution we are true packaging experts and specialists, and we have experience in running a removal company too, which is why we have brought together the two trades to form the best packaging shop for moving home and office. You can contact us for free expert advice on moving, and we can help you choose the right types of packaging material for your job.  

Packing boxes for moving at affordable prices

House moving boxes can also be used for shipping things in the post. Perhaps you have sold some old clothes online because they were taking up too much room in your home. Everybody has those old coats which they no longer wear because they have newer ones, but you don't want to throw them out just in case you need them in future or if you end up doing some manual work that requires dirty old clothes. You could use our packing boxes for this job as they are designed for both storage and moving.

Cardboard packing boxes can be available in many different shapes and sizes. You need to pick based on a number of different factors, and these include your ability to carry a box based on how strong you are. If a box is too large and heavy, and you are small and weak, then there is no way you will be able to carry it. Another factor is how you plan to fit them into the removal van and how you can stack them most efficiently.