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Large boxes for moving house will be able to hold plenty of possessions, which saves you trips back and forth. It means you can save money and time, and it can make the house move go much faster. The trouble is that if a large box is too full with heavy things, and you are not very strong, then it will be difficult to lift each box to the removal lorry. This will in turn cost you time that you were trying to save, so it is worth thinking about. It will depend on the person, and the items that you are shifting in the box as well.

Cardboard boxes for house removal are therefore commonly bought in a number of different sizes, so that it accommodates a variety of scenarios and ensures that whoever is helping you to move home can lift a box. If you buy a variety of sizes, then you are spreading the risk and not putting all of your eggs in one basket, and this can be very important. Here at Packing Solution we sell individual boxes as well as small packs of five or ten boxes, so it enables you to buy a variety of sizes to suit your requirements.  

Heavy duty boxes for moving at affordable prices

Packing cardboard boxes are not always moved in a removal lorry or van when people move house, they are sometimes moved in small vans or even cars. So depending on your situation, it can sometimes be better to purchase small or medium sized boxes, because this way you can fit them into different vehicles which can make your house move a bit more flexible.

Some boxes will need to go separately in your car as opposed to the van, because they might be more delicate and need looking after, so make sure you have some medium sized boxes for that purpose. House moving boxes can be used to transport food to your new home from the kitchen as well. There will be some foods that cannot be out of the fridge for very long, so you need to pick those out last and they need to be the first thing into the new kitchen too, so you can ensure they do not go off. Other foods such as vegetables and fruits can be put into a box to make them easier to carry.