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Boxes for house moving need to be the correct size to make them easy to carry without being too heavy. They need to fit your items inside, with not too much space in between. The smaller the box, the better value for money they are, so you need to take all of these things into consideration. Here at Packing Solution our best selling box is our medium double walled boxes, which are the ideal size for standard book boxes, and they are easy to carry when full, but not too small that they are impractical.

You can have a look at our full range below here on this page, or take a look at the top menu to see extra items. Cardboard packing boxes for moving house can be useful when moving things from your kitchen to your new home. You can put a microwave into a strong box to keep it safe and easy to carry, and you can put smaller kitchen utensils into a box to keep them together safely and organised. They make sure things are easy to carry, and they can save you a lot of time and effort in this way.     

Cardboard storage boxes Wrexham Cardboard packing boxes for moving are available to every home in Wrexham as well as all areas surrounding Wrexham too with our guaranteed next day delivery service. You will be sent a tracking number once the order has been sent, so you know when it will arrive tomorrow. We have a flexible delivery service, which means we can deliver on any date that you choose, plus we can deliver to any address that you choose e.g. work address or home. We can also leave delivery instructions, e.g. please leave with a neighbour, please leave in the garage, or please leave on the porch if out.

This ensures that the parcel arrives safely to you. House moving boxes are sent wrapped in polythene, which keeps them dry and dirt free during delivery. They are flat packed, which makes them easy to transport and you can use them as you wish. The polythene sheet is free of charge, and you can use that for packing purposes too, in order to keep other packages dry. We offer polythene sheets for sale separately as well, so if you need more we can provide that for you.