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Packing cardboard boxes will be very useful when moving home because they will enable you to carry plenty of items at once plus they help you to organise your things in your own time prior to the removal day, which will ensure that nothing goes missing and it will make unpacking much easier too. It is very important that you pre pack your things into boxes prior to moving home, because if you leave that job to the removal company, it is the thing that they charge the most for, because it is very time consuming for them and they do not know where your things belong.

House moving boxes are delivered wrapped in a polythene sheet, which ensures they arrive safely and in good condition and protected from water and dirt damage. It is useful because of how often it rains in the UK, and the last thing you want is your boxes arriving in terrible condition and unable to use them. We also sell polythene sheet  

Heavy duty boxes for moving at affordable prices

Cardboard boxes for house removal will arrive flat packed, which makes them easy to transport and store until you need to use them. They do not take up too much room, so you can put them under the bed or slide them behind the door temporarily without looking too messy. All you will need to do is fold the flaps in at either end of the box, and this will help to assemble the box and you can secure it shut using our strong box tape which is designed for all types of packing boxes. It is stronger than duct tape, and will stick to any surface that you put it on, and you can rest assured that your boxes will stay shut throughout the duration of using them.

Cardboard packaging boxes can be useful when moving things from your bedroom. You might have private possessions that you do not want other people seeing, including the removal people, and so putting them into boxes can be a great idea to help you shift your things safely and privately. You cannot see through a cardboard box, and so they keep your stuff safe. If you are sending things in the post this is especially useful as well, to prevent thieves from stealing your prized possessions from the box.