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College cardboard boxes are the best types and size and quantity of box that are used for moving to or from college, as well as for storage while at college and shipping too. If you are moving to college it is likely you will be renting a single bedroom rather than an entire house, so you won’t have as many things to move as a normal house move or flat move. Here at Packing Solution we offer student moving packs which are designed specifically for college students.

College packing boxes included in our student moving pack will include a variety of different shapes and sizes and types of box, and they give you a good indication of exactly how many boxes you are going to need to assist with your move. They will have a few extra large, large and medium sized boxes, along with bubble wrap and some strong packing tape too, and so this is everything you could need. They are specially discounted for students as well.

College Moving Boxes

It should be medium sized so that they are easy to carry and move, and they should be used to move your washing equipment as well as bed sheets, duvet, clothes and books (of course). They therefore need to be strong and durable boxes, that are able to hold the heavy weight of items inside of them without breaking, plus they should be able to protect the things that you put into them as well. Only double walled boxes are good enough for the task, and here at Packing Solution we offer a huge range of those.

Cardboard boxes for college will arrive flat packed, so they won’t take up much room in your bedroom. You can simply store them under your bed until you need to use them, and pick out the number that you need at any given time. They are very easy to put together with a bit of strong tape along the edges of the flaps at either end of the box, and if you need help just Google or ask our team.

College storage cardboard boxes can be used to store books and text books away on the shelves in your bedroom. They therefore need to be strong for holding such a heavy weight, because books can weigh a lot, and they need protecting as well because they are delicate. We sell archive boxes which come with lids and handle holes, and you can write on them to say what is inside of each box too so that they are easy to access in the future.

College cardboard boxes UK are made from premium corrugated cardboard in the UK, and they are fully recyclable as well as being produced from recycled paper. This makes them much better for the environment than your average box, and they are certainly a million miles better than plastic boxes for storage. This is what makes our boxes the top choice in the UK today. Thank you for visiting Packing Solution and we hope you can find precisely what you need.