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Courier cardboard boxes are the best types of packing box which are commonly used by professional courier services in and around the United Kingdom. They are a specific type of box which is typically very strong and durable, and is designed to help you to transport items safely and effectively. Quite often if you are sending something with a courier, then they are going to be quite picky about the type of box that you are using to pack up your things, and will often not accept a box that is not strong enough.

Courier packing boxes sold here at Packing Solution are designed specifically for courier transportation, and we work with hundreds of professional courier companies throughout the country to ensure that you receive the right type of box for them. We sell high quality and strong and durable double walled cardboard boxes, which are excellent for holding heavy items inside, protecting items you put inside, and for being able to stack safely in a lorry or van.

Courier Moving Boxes

We need to be the correct size for the job as well; if you use boxes that are too large, then the courier company will charge you extra and it will make their job much harder to do, but if you use boxes that are too small then your items might not fit inside or it will become inefficient. Here at Packing Solution all of our boxes are within the realms of what is suitable for a courier company to use, and we have medium, large and extra large boxes that are all accepted by most removal companies and courier companies too.

Courier cardboard boxes UK need to be used along with strong packing tape to ensure that they are held shut securely throughout their long journey. This is especially true if they have to go on a really long distance across borders and around the world. Here at Packing Solution we sell the strongest packing tape which is ideal for securing boxes shut, and we sell both clear packing tape and ‘fragile’ printed tape as well.

Cardboard boxes that couriers use need to be the correct weight for the task as well as being strong and durable as well. The weight is extremely important, because if the weight is too heavy then it means that you might pass the limit for what a courier will take, and this will cost you much more money than expected. If the weight is too low, then it probably means that the box is of a poor quality and won’t be strong enough. Our medium sized boxes weigh 0.5kg and our extra large boxes weigh 1kg. These are the double walled options, which are the most recommended because they are strongest.