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If you're planning to move or need to store your belongings, ensuring their safety and security is important. Fortunately, double-layer cardboard boxes can provide the perfect solution for your needs. These boxes offer twice the strength and durability of ordinary boxes, making them ideal for moving and storage.

Double-layer cardboard boxes are created by combining 2 pieces of corrugated cardboard, which increases their durability and strength. They are highly versatile and can accommodate various items, including heavier objects like books. They provide superior protection compared to single-layer boxes because the two layers work together to absorb shocks and knocks. Therefore, they are an excellent choice for packing and transporting delicate or fragile items. Double-layer moving boxes are cost-effective because they are much more popular than ordinary single-walled boxes. Many more are produced yearly, and the price is almost the same as single-walled boxes, so you can still save money using our more secure boxes.

Double layer packing boxes

If you're moving your retail shop to a new location, boxes can be very useful for transporting items, especially if you need to hide the contents from the removal men. For instance, if you have an old-fashioned till that you don't want others to see, you can keep it inside a box. We recommend using a sizeable double-layer box for this purpose, which we have available for next-day delivery at Packing Solution. Double-layer packing boxes are also great for long-term storage at home, as they are more durable than ordinary boxes and will last for years in your attic or garage. The double layer provides extra protection, so you can rely on the box to keep the contents safe even if it gets damp or something falls on it.

2-layer cardboard boxes are one hundred percent recyclable, which makes them much better for the environment than plastic boxes, and they are equally as strong, if not stronger. This makes them the number one box choice in the United Kingdom today. They are brown, so you can quickly write on them to say what is inside the boxes you are shipping, and you can keep things organized if you are moving home.

Multiple-layer cardboard boxes are clever, and they were invented many years ago. The layers are joined together with a strong glue that is impossible to pull apart, so you do not need to worry about the strength of the boxes. They are reliable and trustworthy, which is ultimately what you should be looking for with a cardboard box. They have flaps at either end of the box, which need securing shut, and they are easy to assemble when they arrive flat packed to your door tomorrow.

Double layer cardboard boxes and double layer moving boxes are the perfect solution for your moving and storage needs. They are strong, durable, cost-effective, eco-friendly, and easy to assemble. Order yours today from Packing Solution online and enjoy next-day delivery.