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Double layer cardboard boxes are double the strength of ordinary boxes, which makes them perfect for house moving, storage or shipping. They are the best type of box and are the type of box that we recommend for almost everything, because they are stronger, more durable and more protective too, and they can hold heavier weights inside of them without breaking. They are therefore capable of holding large objects as well as plenty of smaller objects, including books.

Double layer moving boxes are made from two pieces of corrugated cardboard that are backed onto one another, giving extra protection and strength. They are stronger together than using one thicker piece of cardboard, because they work together to absorb shock and knocks, and they are very cost effective because they are so much more popular than ordinary single walled boxes and many more are produced each year that the price is almost equal to single walled cartons and so you can still make great savings with our stronger boxes.

Double layer packing boxes

It can be used to help shift some items from a retail shop which you might be relocating to a new location. Perhaps you have a large old fashioned till which you use to keep the change inside, and you want a box to help carry that to a new location because you don’t want the removal men seeing the till so by keeping it inside a box you can hide what the object is. You’ll need a large double layer box for this purpose, and we sell those here with next day delivery at Packing Solution.

Cardboard boxes with a double layer can be used for storage over a long period of time in your home as well, because they are more durable than ordinary boxes and so they will last for many years in the attic or garage. The double layer means that they will protect better as well, so if it gets damp in the attic, or if something else falls onto your box, then you can rely on the box to protect the contents inside.

Two layer cardboard boxes are one hundred percent recyclable, which makes them much better for the environment than plastic boxes, and they are equally as strong if not stronger. This is what makes them the number one choice of box in the United Kingdom today, and they are brown in colour so that you can easily write on them to say what is inside of the boxes that you are shipping and you can keep things organised if you are moving home.

Multiple layer cardboard boxes are clever, and they were invented many years ago. The layers are joined together with a strong glue that is impossible to pull apart, so you do not need to worry about the strength of the boxes. They are reliable and trustworthy, which is ultimately what you should be looking for with a cardboard box. They have flaps at either end of the box which need securing shut, and they are easy to assemble when they arrive flat packed to your door tomorrow. We hope that you can find precisely what you are looking for here with Packing Solution online.