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Double skin cardboard boxes are double the strength and double the thickness of ordinary cardboard boxes, which makes them very popular for house moving, storage and shipping in the UK. They are able to hold heavier weights inside of them, so you can move large and heavy objects with ease, plus they will help to protect the objects that you put inside of them too which makes them great for shipping delicate items or products. Here at Packing Solution we offer an extensive range and we supply the public as well as business directly online.

Double skin moving boxes are available for next day delivery because we hold stock of our entire range all year around to ensure that you can always get the boxes that you need quickly to your door. We send you tracking details when the order has been sent, so that you know precisely when your order will arrive. Everything is as transparent as possible, and we aim to make the delivery process as simple as possible. No need to wonder around the high street looking for boxes any more.

Double skin packing boxes are the most popular form of packing box for moving house, because they can be used for each and every object in your home, including books and ornaments, as well as other heavy objects too. We offer medium sized boxes with double walled cardboard which are perfect because they are easy to carry when full without becoming too heavy, and you can carry them easily through doorframes without any issues.

Cardboard boxes with double skin

Cardboard Boxes are available with flaps at either end of the box which can be secured shut using strong packing tape, and they are sent flat packed in the post to you. They are easy to use and easy to store until you need to use them, so you can buy them with plenty of time in advance. Our boxes are plain brown in colour, so you can write on them to say what objects you have put into them, and this is especially useful if you are moving home.

Two skin cardboard boxes are so much stronger than single skin boxes, and they are not much more expensive either because they are more popular so a larger volume of them is produced each year. They are therefore highly recommended and are well worth the trouble. We offer discounted packs of five or ten or one hundred boxes at a time, so take a look at our moving packs section.

Double skin cardboard boxes UK are much better for the environment than plastic boxes, because they are made from corrugated cardboard here in the UK. They are made from recycled paper, and they are fully recyclable as well going into the future. They are completely reusable and can be used for many different purposes, so make sure that you pass them onto friends or family members in the future once you are finished with them. Do not simply throw them away as this is a waste, make sure you recycle them at least.