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Double walled cardboard boxes are what we specialise in here at Packing Solution, and they are the most popular type of cardboard box for many important reasons. Firstly, we need to look at the main purposes that cardboard boxes are typically used for. These include: house moving, storage and shipping. They are used for these reasons by both businesses and the public too, so they are multipurpose boxes. So why would you need double walled boxes for each of these purposes? Let’s delve into them a bit more and find out.

Double walled moving boxes which are used when moving home or moving office will typically be used to hold lots of possessions at once. The more possession that you can fit into each and every box, the less time it will take you to move your things to a new location; it is as simple as that. You cannot put lots of items into a weak cardboard box however, because it will simply crumble under the pressure and weight, and a weak cardboard box cannot protect the things that you put into it either. This is the reason that a stronger double walled box is better in this example.

Double walled packing boxes which are used for storage will also need to be very strong and durable too. You need storage boxes that are going to not only protect the things you put into them over a long period of time, but you also need boxes that are going to be durable enough to stand the test of time; and double walled stronger boxes are the only ones that will suffice. You can use double walled boxes to store your old household possessions in the attic or garage for many years, and you can rely on them to be stable and suitable for the task.  

Double walled boxes UK

Boxes that are used for shipping items in the post or with a courier service can be used by both businesses and the public too. The main reason that a stronger box is best in this example is simply to ensure that it protects your things inside from damage during transit, and this is very important that you do so. Many items get broken during transit with a courier, and it is not worth the risk. Bubble wrap is also a good idea too.

Double walled cardboard packing boxes are sold here at Packing Solution and are available for next day delivery to your doorstep. We can deliver anywhere in the UK, and we can deliver on any date that you choose too, plus we can leave specific delivery instructions for if you are out e.g. a safe place they can leave the parcel or with a neighbour. This ensures that you can get the double walled strong heavy duty boxes that you need on time.