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Durable bubble wrap is what we specialise in here at Packing Solution. We offer a wide range of bubble wrap rolls which are great for storage, moving and shipping, because they are heavy duty rolls which will not tear or rip easily. They can be used to put around all different sized items at different weights, and will ensure that your things that are protected will be completely safe from harm’s way.

Durable bubble wrap UK is recyclable and is produced in the UK, and so there are low air miles involved with getting the bubble wrap to your door tomorrow. We hold stock of our entire range of bubble wrap which ensures that you can always get the protective packaging when you need it on time every time. Our bubble wrap can be used during a house or office move to ensure that all of your things arrive safely to the new location, and it will save you money because you won’t have to repair or replace any damaged items.

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Because we offer next day delivery on our entire range, and we offer some of the lowest prices imaginable on bubble wrap rolls of all sizes. We have no minimum orders, and you do not need to create an account with us to make a purchase. We can deliver anywhere in the United Kingdom tomorrow, and we use a reliable courier service and send you a tracking number once the order has been sent from our warehouse to you, so that you can easily track your order online to know when it will arrive.    

Find durable bubble wrap on our website below here or from the top menu also. If you click on the product that you are most interested in, this will bring up all of the detailed information that you may need to know about that roll of bubble wrap. It will give you all of the precise sizing measurements in all different metrics, so that you can easily work out the size and length of bubble wrap that you need for the item that you are trying to protect.

The most durable bubble wrap is our bubble wrap with extra large bubbles. The material in that type of roll is very thick and very durable indeed, and the larger air bubbles provide extra protection and cushioning from damage too. It is slightly more expensive than our smaller bubble rolls, but it is worth it for heavier and more delicate items.