Shop now for Durable Cardboard Boxes with Packing Solution

Durable cardboard boxes are available to buy directly here online with Packing Solution. We offer next day delivery on the strongest and most durable boxes in the United Kingdom, and our boxes are designed specifically for moving home or office, storage, or for shipping in the post too. They are heavy duty boxes, made from premium double walled re enforced cardboard. They will not break easily, and will last a very long time, which is what makes them such a popular choice.

Durable moving boxes are often bought if you are sending parcels over a long distance, such as during a house move where you have to transport items over a very long distance to a new house which is based many miles away, or where you have to transport items with a courier or in the post over a very long distance too. In these cases, you need strong and durable boxes because they need to be able to withstand the distance put onto them. They will need to protect your items over that distance, and ensure that they can hold heavy weights put onto them from other boxes placed on top of them and also the heavy items put into them too.

Durable packing boxes can also be used for storage, and durability will mean that the boxes can stay in storage in perfect condition for a very long time. This means you can use our boxes to help store your possessions over many months and years, knowing that your things will be safe from harm. Our boxes are designed to last for years, because they are so strong and durable, and this is what makes them the number one choice for storage in the UK. We supply to many storage companies in the country too, who trust our boxes as being the best choice.    

Durable boxes UK do not have to weigh a lot, because the extra strength of the boxes due to the extra re enforced walls will not weigh much, as they are made from recycled paper which is virtually weightless. This means that you can use our durable and strong boxes for shipping because it will not add to the cost of sending the parcel by increasing the weight. It means you can still use other types of packaging alongside our boxes such as bubble wrap and strong tape to ensure your parcel arrives safely.

The most durable cardboard boxes which we sell are our medium and extra large double walled boxes, with codes PS01 and PS02. They are the most popular boxes we sell, and they are commonly used to move heavy items such as books and electrical equipment such as microwaves. They can hold over thirty kilograms inside of them without breaking apart, which is what makes them so perfect for moving purposes.