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Easy to carry cardboard boxes are available to buy here at Packing Solution, and we offer both ordinary cartons as well as boxes with handles holes and lids too. We have a huge variety of different shapes and type of box, so that you can find exactly what you require for your move. Different people find different types of box easier to carry and move, and so this is why it is important that you choose the one that is suitable for your requirements.

Easy to carry moving boxes are often the medium sized boxes, because they are not too heavy when they are full because they are not too large, plus they are easier to actually move and carry through doorframes because they are not too large and wide. They are often best without handle holes because they are easy enough to lift from underneath safely, and this means that there are no holes in the side which can prevent damage from happening.

Easy to carry packing boxes

Boxes for moving clothing can include our wardrobe boxes, which are extra tall and include a hanging rail for moving clothing such as suits and dresses. They have handle holes in the middle because this type of box is far too tall to carry from underneath, and you don’t want to carry them sideways because this will crinkle your clothes and defeat the object of using this type of box. So the handle holes at the side provide the ultimate solution for making this type of box easy to carry while moving home.    

Easy to carry cardboard boxes UK also include our small CD and DVD sized boxes, which are perfect for shifting the smaller things from your home with ease. The small size means that they never become too heavy to carry, and this is an important aspect to consider while moving home. Many people buy boxes that are far too large to lift, and it actually slows down the house move rather than speed things up as they first intended.

Cardboard boxes to carry easily need to be lifted safely, by keeping your back as straight as possible and bend your knees. This may sound obvious, but you can do some serious damage to your back if you do not lift boxes safely and effectively. Sometimes it is useful to have more than one person lifting the most heavy of boxes into a removal lorry, do not try to do everything yourself, as this can be a main cause of damage.