Shop now for Eco Friendly Cardboard Boxes with Packing Solution

Eco friendly cardboard boxes are what we specialise in here at Packing Solution, and all of our boxes that we offer are one hundred percent recyclable. They are much better for the environment than alternative types of box such as plastic boxes, and yet our boxes are equally as strong and durable and are much cheaper to buy as well. The cardboard material also has many great benefits, such as the fact that you can easily write on the box to say what you have put into it.

Eco friendly moving boxes are made from recycled paper as well, so they represent a full recycling chain whereby they are made from recycled materials, and are also recyclable too for the future. They do not therefore cause any damage to the environment, so you can’t get much more eco friendly than that. On top of this, our boxes have many great uses, in a wide variety of things. You can use them for moving home, for storage, for shipping too, and they can be used by both businesses as well as the public too. This means that you can easily re use our boxes again and again for different purposes, without having any need to throw them away.

Eco friendly Packing Boxes

Eco friendly packing boxes are going to arrive flat packed, and this means that you can very easily store them away until you need to use them. It also means that you can easily flat pack them away after you have used them too for the future, so this also encourages you to re use the boxes instead of throwing them out, because they won’t take up much room in your home while being stored because they are flat packed.    

Eco friendly cardboard boxes UK are produced here in Great Britain, so there is low mileage involved with producing them. This is even better for the environment, because the carbon emissions produced by planes to transport boxes to the UK is massive in comparison. Our boxes are simply made locally, and delivered locally. We do not export our boxes around the world, we keep things local and only sell in the UK.

Environmentally friendly cardboard boxes are low cost in comparison to plastic boxes too, and this is one of the additional benefits to them. There is literally no reason why you would choose plastic boxes over our cardboard boxes. You can protect our boxes using the cling film or polythene sheets that we sell too, if you wanted to make them waterproof, or bubble wrap can provide the same service as well.