Shop now for empty cardboard boxes with Packing Solution

Empty cardboard boxes are perfect for helping you to move home, for storage or for shipping as well. They are multipurpose boxes that can be re used again and again for different purposes. Here at Packing Solution we offer a huge range of packing boxes, which are strong, durable and low cost, and they are one hundred percent recyclable and made in Great Britain.

We have no minimum orders, and offer next day delivery throughout the UK. We send you a tracking number once the order has been dispatched, so that you know exactly what time they will arrive tomorrow. Empty packing boxes should be large enough so that you can fit the required items inside of them, or large enough so that you can fit plenty of things into them. 

If you are moving home, this will save you a lot of time and effort, and will make your house move seem much easier. The problem arises when the boxes become too heavy to carry when they are full, and this will vary from person to person depending on your ability to carry them, so that is something you should consider.

Empty moving boxes are ready for you to fill with all of your household possessions, and all of the boxes that we supply are brand new and clean, so they are ready for you to use immediately. They are delivered flat packed, so that they are easy to transport and easy for you to store until you need to use them. They are easy to pack up with your things, and it is a bit like a jigsaw puzzle trying to fit as many objects into each empty box as you can, and utilize all of the space that is available.  

Cardboard boxes that are empty need to be completely filled with as little additional space free at the end, because this is the most cost effective way to pack up boxes. This is especially important when moving home if you have lots of objects that need moving and lots of boxes. In order to fill a box efficiently, you will need to try to put each object into the box in different ways until you find the perfect combination for space utilization.

Buy empty cardboard boxes of a variety of different shapes and sizes, because in reality you are definitely going to need a variety of boxes to suit the variety of items from your home. Here at Packing Solution we offer small packs of five or ten boxes at a time, so you can buy a small variety of each size of box to ensure that you have covered all bases.

Empty cardboard boxes UK can be filled with whatever you choose, and the heavier the item that you are putting into the box, the stronger that the box needs to be. Double walled cardboard boxes are the strongest type that you can buy, and they are perfect for holding very heavy items of over thirty kilograms. Single walled boxes are fine for lighter objects only.