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Environmental bubble wrap is our specialty here at Packing Solution, and unlike most other producers of bubble wrap in the UK, all of our rolls are one hundred percent recyclable. This means they are much better for the environment than other forms of protective packaging, and it is the reason that we are the number one producer in the country.

We offer next day delivery directly to your door, and all of our bubble wrap rolls were produced in the UK as well, so there is low mileage in getting the product to you. Environmental bubble wrap UK can be used to protect almost anything from your home during a house move, and it can also be used during an office move as well.

We supply to both businesses as well as the public directly here online, and we have low minimum orders plus we offer huge discounts for larger rolls too. The price per metre gets much cheaper when you buy a larger roll, so our flexible service should suit all different requirements.

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Here because we offer some of the lowest prices in the UK. We also sell a wide range of packaging, from boxes to tape to cling film and packing paper too, so we are confident that you will be able to find everything you could need for the purpose of moving.

Our packaging is also great for storage and shipping too, and if you need help in choosing the right packaging for you, then just give us a call and we can help you with that. Our friendly staff have many years of experience when it comes to packaging and moving, so we are able to assist you with anything that you might need to know.    

Find environmental bubble wrap below here on this page, or take a look at the top menu too where you can view our full range. We have small rolls which are only five metres long, and they are perfect if you need to send a small item in the post, or alternatively we have larger rolls which are one hundred metres in length, and they are perfect for packing up an entire house full of possessions which need protecting.

Environmental bubble wrap near me is hard to find, because not many shops sell it. This is the primary reason that Packing Solution was created, with the aim of providing you with the very best quality bubble wrap at the most affordable prices with next day delivery to your door. We send a tracking number once the order is dispatched, and this ensures that you know exactly when your packaging is going to arrive.