Shop now for estate agent cardboard boxes with Packing Solution

Estate agent cardboard boxes are trusted as being the industry standard boxes for the purpose of moving, and you are right for searching for that exact type of box. Here at Packing Solution we specialise in boxes for moving home or office, and we offer next day delivery directly to your doorstep throughout the UK.

Our boxes are used by professional removal companies throughout the UK, and we have many years of experience in providing the best types of packaging for the purpose of moving. Estate agent moving boxes sometimes include handle holes which are designed to make them easy to lift and move, where as others have no holes and you need to lift them from underneath.

It is often better to buy boxes without handle holes, because this way they are stronger and more secure, and it is equally as easy to lift a box from underneath than it is using handle holes. This is why we always recommend standard boxes, but we offer both types. Estate agent packing boxes are delivered flat packed, and wrapped up in polythene for protection purposes.

This ensures that they are water tight, and will arrive in perfect condition and ready for you to use when they arrive. This flexible and easy delivery service means that you can focus on the other areas of house moving that you need to do, such as organising your things effectively and preparing everything, including solicitors dates and exchange dates.

Estate agent cardboard boxes UK can be useful if you are moving the things from your living room, as well as all the other rooms of your home. You might have lots of pillows and throws from your sofa that you need to move, which can go into medium sized boxes, plus you might have lots of ornaments on the side which can be wrapped up in bubble wrap and placed into a large box together, with the word ‘fragile’ written on the outside of the box.

You’ll need some strong packing tape to hold the boxes together also. Cardboard boxes from estate agents are impossible to find because no estate agents offer boxes for sale, they only generally deal with the selling of properties, and they can sometimes recommend a packaging supplier to you. Here at Packing Solution we are the trusted supplier and are commended by thousands of estate agents throughout the United Kingdom.