Shop now for extra long bubble wrap with Packing Solution

Extra long bubble wrap is available to buy here with Packing Solution online, and we offer next day delivery throughout the United Kingdom. We have really long rolls of bubble wrap, that go up to one hundred metres in length which is guaranteed to cover almost any item that you could possibly want.

Our large rolls of bubble wrap are ideal for large house moves, where you have hundreds and thousands of items in your home that will need protection against damage while you move. Buy extra long bubble wrap here and we offer huge discounts on our larger rolls, so that the price per metre reduces significantly as opposed to buying lots of smaller rolls.

We hold stock of our entire range all year around to ensure that you can always get the packaging that you need on time every time. Our really large rolls can cover huge furniture from your home as well as the smaller things as well, so they are versatile and highly useful and effective.

They are all one hundred percent recyclable and produced in the UK as well. Extra length bubble wrap could be put around a cabinet which is kept in your hallway of your home while you move house. It might be made of wood and glass, and you want to ensure that no damage happens to it.

Extra Long Bubble Wrap is Available to Buy Here

You could buy our hundred metre roll of bubble wrap which will cover the whole cabinet with ease, and you could put several layers around the cabinet to ensure that maximum level of protection against knocks.   Extra long bubble wrap UK is available with two different sized bubbles, depending on your choice and preference.

We have smaller and larger bubbles for sale, and the larger the bubbles the more protection and extra cushioning that there is available. They are better for larger items that need that bit more cushioning, and the smaller bubbles are fine for everyday things.

The smaller bubbles are the most popular and normal sized. Longest bubble wrap is also for sale in smaller rolls if you find that easier to manage and use. Perhaps you have several people working on a house move at once, and so you each need a smaller roll to do the job.

We offer discounted packs of smaller rolls which ensure you can get the same amount as a larger roll but in the quantity of several smaller rolls instead. This way you always get excellent value for money here with Packing Solution.