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Extra strong cardboard boxes are what we specialise in here at Packing Solution. Strong boxes are an absolute necessity when it comes to moving home and storage, as well as for sending things in the post. They need to hold heavy weights inside of them without breaking apart, and they need to be able to protect the things that you put into them too.

We have a wide range of boxes that are available with our next day delivery service throughout the UK. Super strong cardboard boxes have flaps at either end of the box, and these need to be secured shut using some of the strongest packing tapes available.

We offer clear packing tape as well as fragile printed tape, which is very strong industrial adhesive tape and is designed to hold together even the strongest and heaviest of boxes, so we highly recommend using that type of tape for the job at hand.

Extra Heavy Duty Cardboard Boxes

Extra strong moving boxes are made from premium re enforced double walled cardboard, which is produced here in the UK from recycled paper. We have medium, large and extra large double walled boxes for sale, and so you can pick based on your specific requirements and decide based on what you are putting into them.

They all arrive flat packed, and they are easy to assemble when you need to use them, and easy to store until you want to use them as well. They are easy to transport like this too, and they are protected and strong with lots of them together flat packed.<

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Extra strong packing boxes can be used when moving all of the shoes from your doorway to a new location. You can fit lots of shoes into a strong box, because it will be strong enough to hold lots of them, so even if you have a large collection of heavy Goodyear welted shoes with leather soles, they can still be put into those boxes, or they can even hold heavy tall boots too or work boots.

Shoe boxes can fit into the larger boxes too for extra protection. Extra strong boxes UK are hard to find on the high street, and this is why here at Packing Solution we offer a delivery service directly to your door.We can deliver anywhere in the United Kingdom, and we can leave specific delivery instructions for the driver too, such as a safe place that they are able to leave the parcel if you are out, for example with a neighbour or in the porch. We can also deliver on any date that suits you, or we offer next day delivery.