Shop now for extra thick bubble wrap with Packing Solution

Extra thick bubble wrap is vital when it comes to moving home in the UK, because you want bubble wrap that is going to be reliable and strong, so that it can successfully protect the things that you are wrapping up.

Poor quality bubble wrap will not do the trick, and so it is worth making sure that you are buying high quality bubble wrap for the job. Here at Packing Solution we specialise in the best quality and most affordable bubble wrap.

All of our rolls were produced in the UK and they are also one hundred percent recyclable too. Buy extra thick bubble wrap here because we offer next day delivery on all orders directly to your doorstep. We hold stock of our entire range of bubble wrap rolls all year around, and can deliver anywhere in the UK.

We have small, medium and large rolls of bubble wrap, with small and large bubbles too. We have five metre rolls, ten metre rolls, twenty metre rolls and one hundred metre rolls as well, so we have something for everybody.

Thickest bubble wrap will not tear or rip easily, and it will continue to protect your items throughout their entire journey. When you send things for moving house in a removals lorry, the items in the back will often move around and slide around. This can obviously cause breakage of many precious items if you are not careful enough and protect them with bubble wrap.

The longer the journey to your new home, the more room for potential damage there is going to be. Extra thick bubble wrap UK can be used for shipping in the post too, which is another time where a parcel is going to go on a long distance to a new location, and so there are plenty of places where damage can occur. When the postman carries lots of parcels, he is not often careful with them because he has to be fast when carrying them and putting them in the back of the van.

This can cause breakage and damage. Extra thickness bubble wrap can be used to protect even the largest and most heavy things from your home, including large furniture and other heavy objects as well. You can even put a double layer of bubble wrap around your things to ensure that they are fully protected from damage, and you can secure them in place using out strong packing tape which we sell here online too.