Shop now for extra wide bubble wrap with Packing Solution

Extra wide bubble wrap is hard to find, and it is useful because you need to ensure that your bubble wrap can completely cover the items that you are trying to protect against damage. If there are any gaps, then that is room for potential damage and would be pointless.

Here at Packing Solution we offer wide bubble wrap rolls which are extremely long, and this ensures that you can always have enough to cover any item. Our normal sized bubbles rolls are 500mm in width, and can go up to one hundred metres in length, and our larger bubbles rolls are 750mm in width, and go to twenty five metres in length.

Buy extra wide bubble wrap here with Packing Solution because we offer next day delivery on all orders, and this ensures that you can get the bubble wrap that you need on time. We hold stock of our entire range all year around, and we can deliver anywhere in the United Kingdom with our delivery service. Just find the roll that you need online, and click for delivery.

We can leave specific delivery instructions to ensure that your parcel arrives on time, and we can deliver on any date you choose as well. Widest bubble wrap sold here can cover almost anything from your home during a house move.

You can use our 100 metre roll to cover large furniture such as a sofa or mattress, and you can use it to cover almost anything that you would send in the post too. If you need something even wider than 500mm, then all you need to do is buy one of our packs of rolls, so that you have lots of bubble wrap to cover your things.

We offer discounts for bulk purchase, so the more rolls that you buy the more you can save. Extra wide bubble wrap UK is hard to find on the high street, because very few shops sell bubble wrap in larger rolls. Sometimes a stationary shop will sell a really small five metre roll which is very thin and tiny.

The quality is likely to be poor as well. This is why Packing Solution offers the very best rolls of bubble wrap for sale, which are ideal for house moving, storage or shipping, and we supply the public and businesses directly online without needing to create an account.

Extra width bubble wrap needs to be secured in place using the strongest of packing tapes along all of the edges. This can be purchased here online as well, and we offer other types of packaging that you may find useful as well, such as packing paper and a huge range of cardboard boxes too. Our bubble wrap is excellent quality and heavy duty.