Shop now for flat bubble wrap with Packing Solution

Flat bubble wrap is one of the most popular type of bubble wrap, because it is ideal for wrapping around flat objects and straight edges. It is perfect for protecting delicate items that are easily damaged, because it is the perfect fitting for the shape of the object.

Bubble wrap that is round shaped or contains huge bubbles which are rectangular for example, are not so ideal for protecting flat objects and straight edges, simply because of the fitting. If the bubble wrap doesn’t fit perfectly around the object, then it could mean that object can move around freely inside of the protection, and this can cause damage.

Flat bubble wrap UK can be purchased on rolls as well as folded up. Here at Packing Solution we can provide you with both. Usually if you order a roll of bubble wrap on its own, we will send a roll of bubble wrap, but if you order bubble wrap along with some packing boxes, then we will fold out the bubble wrap instead so that it is completely flat.

You can request either of these options, and the bubble wrap ends out the same as the finished product. Buy flat bubble wrap because it will protect each and every object, no matter what the shape, size or weight of the object. The larger and heavier that an object is, the more layers that you should put around that object to protect it from damage.

For example, if you are protecting large furniture such as a sofa, then you should put three to four layers of bubble wrap around it for protection purposes. Smaller objects are fine with just one small layer of protection. Bubble wrap that is flat is perfect for protecting books while you move house.

Perhaps you have a library in your home, and you have hundreds of books which you need to relocate to your new home which is a long distance away. You might have bought some strong boxes for the task, but bubble wrap is also necessary for protection.

You can use just one layer around each book, or wrap the books up collectively, and it will protect them from knocks, bumps, dirt and water while you are moving them. Straight bubble wrap comes in many different widths and lengths, so that you can find the perfect roll for your exact requirement.

We offer huge discounts on our larger rolls, so the more that you buy, the cheaper the price per metre becomes. Our bubble wrap is all one hundred percent recyclable, which makes it ideal for the purpose of moving because you can recycle instead of throw it away.

The flattest bubble wrap is flat in shape but it has many air bubbles that are full of air which provide the layer of protection that you need around your objects. Each and every bubble is full of air, and that provides the cushioning so that when an object is hit by something else, it won’t feel a thing.