Shop now for heavyweight bubble wrap with Packing Solution

Heavyweight bubble wrap is strong and durable bubble wrap that won’t tear or rip easily, and will be able to protect even the heaviest and largest of items. Larger and heavier items require heavyweight bubble wrap because the pressure that is put onto them when they fall over is much greater and the potential damage is much greater, and so the bubble wrap needs to be stronger in order to be able to protect from such a large blow.

It can be very hard to find on the high street and from most manufacturers and this is why Packing Solution was formed; to provide the best quality bubble wrap. Heavyweight bubble wrap UK is available to purchase online directly with us, and we offer next day delivery on our full range of bubble wrap rolls which are held in stock all year around in our warehouses.

We have a courier network spanning the United Kingdom, and this is how we are able to provide you with next day delivery. We send a tracking number once the order has been dispatched, and you can use that to find out when your parcel will arrive tomorrow. We can also deliver on any separate date also.

Buy heavyweight bubble wrap here and you can get some amazing prices on our larger rolls. The larger rolls make the price per metre of bubble wrap much cheaper, and so this means that if you need a lot of bubble wrap for a large house move or a business, then we can provide that at the lowest cost to you. We also have smaller rolls so if you only need a little, then we can do that too and we have no minimum orders.  

Find heavyweight bubble wrap below here on this page or take a look at the top menu to see our full range. We have both small and large bubbles available, and the larger bubbles are more heavyweight and tough because they provide more cushioning for heavier and larger items. The material that surrounds the air bubbles is also of a thicker material, so it is definitely more heavyweight.

Heavyweight bubble wrap near me is hard to find, so it is always best to order online and have it delivered tomorrow. We can leave any delivery instructions that you may have, such as a safe place where they can leave the parcel if you are out, or a neighbour that can be available to receive the parcel if you’d like. Just give us the information in the notes section of the checkout stage online.